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HCWA Funding

Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) Funding

If our toys are thought to be helpful as part of your child’s therapy, your therapist may decide to recommend them for your child, using their HCWA (Helping Children with Autism) funding.

The way this normally works is that the therapist suggests our toys to the child's parents or vice verse and all agree to purchase the toy and the parents consent to buying it using their child’s funding.

Then the therapist may order it on behalf of the family and pay for it using the online funding management system (FOFMS) or the family may order the toy(s), then present the receipt to the therapist who will reimburse them from the same system.

So, in short the HCWA funding can be used to purchase our toys. However, the funding is delivered through your child’s therapist.

Families cannot access it directly and Kimbee cannot access it directly. Your therapist will decide whether our toys are going to assist your child to reach their therapy goals.

Please speak with your therapist and then direct them to our website and to the particular toy(s) you are interested in purchasing before commiting to buy the toy.

Should you require further information on HCWA funding, please consult your therapist or click on the link below.

Australia Government - Department of Social Service - Helping Children with Autism